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New Page: Anger fuels a Vampire's growth.
Ruby's anger gives the little Vampire a massive power-up, allowing her to send Gaby flying straight to the sandbox; but with the Chupacabras being able to block the hit at the last second, the challenge is not yet over.
Is Ruby about to put an end to this? How will Gabriela gain the upper hand again? What's up with those horns?
New Page: Is she mad? She's mad alright.
With Ms.Dory all tied up in a good knot, Gabriela is now free to finish the challenge with no interruptions. What will the Cheeky Chupacabras do now?
New Page: Getting tangled up in a conflict.
Left with a difficult choice, Blaire must decide whether to trust Gabriela and intervene for her, or allow Ms.Dory to put and end to their "little" fight.
New ZNP: A slime facial and the surprise package!?
With a quick flick of her chain-hook, the ZNP plastered the Merccubi slime all over the PHC's face.
Will this poison harm our Half-Cyborg in any way?
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