Note: "Monsterkin" is a made-up word that means monster species.

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Sapphire Gem

Monsterkin: Zombie / Age: 15 / Birthday: Sep 30

Happy, noisy, and spontaneous. She's randomness reincarnated! Sapphire never thinks before acting (not that she actually can), and her short attention span and bad memory don't add anything good to the cause.
Sometimes, even her perception of reality fades away! She's always smiling no matter the situation, but that's because she just doesn't know what she is into.

Her wacky zombie brain is always coming up with new cool stuff to do, usually dragging her best friends, Lily and Lawr, along with her into various situations.

Likes: Brain Carpaccio, HUGS, playing videogames, sleeping, James Bluerot, and torturing her slave Jacob.

Dislikes: Her teacher Aurielle, Math, eyeball soup, Lily's lectures, Ruby, falling apart, and losing in videogames.

First appearance: Chapter 01-Intro/pilot
ZNP Alter-ego: ZNP Zombie Ninja Pirate
Ruby Gem

Monsterkin: Vampire / Age: 4 / Birthday: Jul 13

How can so much evil fit in such a small and innocent head? Her mother wonders that everyday.
Mischievous, playful, and DANGEROUS. Ruby loves driving anyone mad (except for Onyx), specially her mother Diamond. She always executes her evil schemes in an almost flawless way... Well, at least most of the time.

Maybe she's secretly training to rule the world. She's seen wearing her stripes pajamas under her clothes all day long.

Likes: Her big brother Onyx, Zombitore's pizza, knives and daggers, and driving people crazy.

Dislikes: Sapphire, being told what to do, any sugar-free food, going to school, and when her mom dresses her.

First appearance: Chapter 01-Intro/pilot
ZNP Alter-ego: VSV Vampiric Spartan Viking
Onyx Gem

Monsterkin: Werewolf / Age: 17 / Birthday: Feb 29

He's very polite and responsible, with a very relaxed personality. Loyal as a dog to both his family and friends. Even though they may put him in crazy situations, he'll always stand for them. Being such a family guy.

He's very picky about money to the point that he can look extremely cheap at times, but he just doesn't like throwing money away. He really hates to see somebody else treat their family badly. (We're looking at you, David)

Likes: Money, raw meat, playing with ruby, chilling out with Chuck, and being petted.

Dislikes: Wasting money, chocolate, David (sometimes), debts, and being alone.

First appearance: Chapter 01-Intro/pilot
ZNP Alter-ego: SWW Vampiric Spartan Viking Queen
Topaz Gem

Monsterkin: Zombpyre / Age: 19 / Birthday: Nov 22

Topaz is pretty much in love with herself. Always wearing fashionable and sexy clothing designed by herself to show off her beauty and talent whenever she can.

She's more than just looks! She can be very manipulative, obnoxius, and even perverted, but she also has a soft side.

She also loves fuzzy and cute stuff... and Samantha for that matter, she finds her clumsyness quite cute. Topaz and Sammy have a very complex friend relationship.
She's been thinking about getting her own Stumblr blog.

Likes: Samantha, fuzzy clothes (more if made by herself), Sammy's cupcake flavored blood, plushies, and burgers.

Dislikes: Losing her cell, a bad photo on Monzbook, bad hair days, dull clothing, when people turn against her.

First appearance: Chapter 01-Intro/pilot
ZNP Alter-ego: ZNS Vampiric Spartan Viking Queen
Diamond Gem

Monsterkin: Vampire / Age: 42 / Birthday: Apr 7

The happily married, loving mother of 4 children. She's an extremely patient and tolerant; specially with Ruby, her first and strongest cause of stress.
Diamond is a hardworking Vampire Housewife, and an excellent cook! Her homemade food is loved by all of her family.

Her love for Pearl is very strong, she wears a special ruby necklace that Pearl crafted with tons of love specially for her which simbolizes their love and family.

Likes: Cooking (specially candy),Vloodka, jewels, and her husband's strong flavored blood.

Dislikes: Ruby's schemes, Sapphire's laziness, Topaz's attitude, and getting her card rejected.

First appearance: Chapter 01-Intro/pilot
ZNP Alter-ego: VSVQ Vampiric Spartan Viking Queen
Viking Queen
Pearl Gem

Monsterkin: Zombie / Age: 44 / Birthday: Jun 18

A very hardworking father, and honest husband. Maintaining 4 children, plus a wife with expensive tastes isn't cheap!
He was raised by his Aunt Amethyst, from who he learned to be a very humble and modest monster.

He always tries to get Ruby to be sweet with him, but he always gets bitter responses from her, which makes him fall into pieces, literally.
He's the owner and main designer of a small Jewelry brand. Having "Gem" as his last name was probably Destiny cracking a joke at him.

Likes: Pasta with Cerebellum sauce, Dia's treats, sleeping in on Sundays, family trips, and playing dog Lynch.

Dislikes: Sapphire's bad grades, Ruby's bitterness, being teased for his name, and getting late to work.

First appearance: Chapter 01-Intro/pilot
ZNP Alter-ego: Nothing none
Has not

Monsterkin: Zombie Golden Retriever
Age: 40 (270 in dog years) / Birthday: Mar 19

A loyal dog that has been with Pearl his entire life. He's a rather quiet and obedient dog, but when Sapphire plays with him he gets almost as energetic and uncontrollable as her.

Lynch loves playing not just with Sapphire but with any member of the family, even Ruby, though sometimes she tends to ride Lynch like a horse, and he doesn't find that amusing.
For him there's no problem a strip of rotten bacon can't solve, except for Ruby of course.

Likes: Rotten bacon, playing with the family (specially Sapphire), Chasing squirrels, and regular bacon.

Dislikes: Regular dog food, being treated like a horse by Ruby, randomly losing a body part, and digging one of his own bones by mistake.

First appearance: Chapter 10-Dad's oldest friend.
ZNP Alter-ego: Nothing none
Has not
Lily Osiris

Monsterkin: Mummy / Age: 15 / Birthday: Jun 5

A serious and hardcore girl. Lily has an extremely volatile personality and a very short temper. Aside from her rough exterior, Lily is also a very kind friend.
Sometimes she can appear to be a little indifferent, but that's just because she has a hard time expressing herself, or perhaps she just doesn't care at all.

Lawrence usually pesters her with perverted jokes, to which she responds with intense aggression. Lily is a jerk with a heart of gold and a fist of steel, so don't mess wit her!

Likes: Caramel beetles, classic Rock music, kicking Saph's ass in videogames, and making Lawrence suffer.

Dislikes: Lawrence's pervy puns, Saph's shenanigans, her annoying brother, skateboards, and Yaoi.

First appearance: Chapter 01-Intro/pilot
ZNP Alter-ego: AMM Angry Mummy Miko
Charles "Chuck" Osiris

Monsterkin: Mummy / Age: 17 / Birthday: Aug 16

A self-appointed "Rad Skate god". He loves to skate wherever, whenever, no matter the consequences. (like jumping from a roof at 3 AM)
He's always wearing a cap, beanie or hat; no one has ever seen him without one, not even his best friends.

His easygoing and goofy attitude makes him really likeable (except by Lily), and he enjoys living to the extreme! He and Onyx have a serious bro-mance, they're sworn brothers! Mummy and Werewolf buddies to the end.

Likes: Nachos, skating, extreme activities. his baby sis Lily, and chilling out with his Bros.

Dislikes: Roller-blades, places where skating is forbidden (he'll skate anyway), combs.

First appearance: Chapter 01-Intro/pilot
ZNP Alter-ego: Nothing none
Has not
Lawrence Spectrum

Monsterkin: Ghost / Age: 15 / Birthday: Aug 4

A smart, silly, and a bit perverted ghost boy. Lawrence loves playing with Lily's short patience, by telling her pervy jokes.

Unlike Lily, Lawrence doesn't minds Saph's crazy deeds at all, in fact, he even supports them and enjoys them. Regardless of his perverted jokes, Lawrence is also a gentleman. He respects women and always treats them with proper etiquette (most of the time at least).

As the son of an important professor he has a lot of pressure regarding his academic performance. He seems to fear his father a lot for unspecified reasons.

Likes: Teasing Lily, cute girls, going out with both Lily and Sapphire, floating around in his ghast form, and getting good grades.

Dislikes: Lily's violent reactions, a bad grade, disappointing his father.

First appearance: Chapter 01-Intro/pilot
ZNP Alter-ego: PGS Pervered Ghost Samurai
Christopher Spectrum
Christopher Spectrum

Monsterkin: Specter (Ghost sub-monsterkin)
Age: 43 / Birthday: Mar 14

A highly respected Professor and Doctor in many fields of knowledge. He posseses multiple PhDs, knows over 150 languages, and is able to speak fluently in about half of them. He's specially devoted to uncovering and teaching the many misteries about his favorite subject, Monster history.

Christopher has been imparting most of his knowledge on to his son Lawrence since he was just baby. Lawr respects his father a lot, but there's something he's omitting.

Regarded as cold and somber most of the time, he's just a very serious individual who rarely smiles.
He only shows his sensitive side when he's spending time with his wife.

Likes:His heart-meltingly cute wife, Lawrence's academic achievements, white truffle cream cheese, classical music, and gaining more knowledge on any subject.

Dislikes: Perverts, internet memes, boisterous and stupid people, Topaz's constant flirting, and alcohol.

First appearance: Chapter 16-Higher Education with a Grim Fascination.
ZNP Alter-ego: Nothing none
Has not
Jacob Bottom
Jacob Bottom Button

Monsterkin: Rag-doll / Age: 15 / Birthday: Oct 1

A very shy and introvert monster. He's as soft as his own cotton skin. Bad luck seems to follow this poor fellow everywhere he goes, as he always seems to find a way to end up heavily injured.

His mother is very overprotective with Jacob, but he loves her a lot, though he wishes that she would stop treating him as a baby (and a girl). Jacob is heavily infatuated by Sapphire's always-happy personality. He wishes to be just like her, sporting a smile no matter what happens to him.

Easier said than done, specially since he goes trough horrendous mutilation on a regular basis, including being torn apart with a chainsaw, among other things.

Likes: Sapphire, cotton candy, detergent soda, babies, and Sapphire.

Dislikes: His brother David (he treats Jacob like cr#p), getting stains on his skin, scissors, and coffee.

First appearance: Chapter 01-Intro/pilot
ZNP Alter-ego: IDH Irresistible Doll Hero
David Bottom
David Bottom Button

Monsterkin: Incubus / Age: 17 / Birthday: Nov 1

A young dashing Casanova. He carries with him an air of sophistication that attracts his "preys".

Being very eloquent he always knows just what to say to melt a girl's heart, though he tends to exaggerate and lie which leads to him breaking his own cover.

He learned the art of seduction from his father, but his mother knows nothing about this. David's also a terrible big brother, he loves to make fun of his little brother Jacob.
Chuck loves to bother him by saying that he's an effeminate.

Likes: Beautiful girls, bothering his little brother Jacob, grape soda, and sharpening his horns.

Dislikes: When girls don't fall for him, being called a girlish guy, when his mom forces him to have a different hairstyle, and Chuck (a lot).

First appearance: Chapter 01-Intro/pilot
ZNP Alter-ego: DPP Demon Pirate Prince
Michelle Flammel

Monsterkin: Homunculus / Age: 14 / Birthday: May 13

An extremely energetic, uncontrollable, and dramatic girl.
Her father, Lionel Flammel, created Michelle in a laboratory, but during the final steps something went wrong with her prefrontal cortex development, which made her unable to control her own emotions.

Michelle is very extreme whenever she expresses herself, taking her emotions to the maximum. Wheter it's being angry as volcano, kind as a marshmellow, or mad as a rabid flying dinosaur, there's nothing subtle about her.
She has big crush on Jacob (for unspecified reasons), and sees Sapphire as her Love rival and nemesis.

Likes: Jacob, being praised, baby animals, ice cream, and dreaming that she destroys Sapphire.

Dislikes: Sapphire, Ourox's overprotectiveness, surprises, and the clothes her father makes her use.

First appearance: Chapter 01-Intro/pilot
ZNP Alter-ego: PHC Psychotic Homunculus Cyborg

Monsterkin: High-tech Golem / Age: 8
Day of first activation: May 13

Given as a present to Michelle on her sixth birthday, Ourox has been taking care of her since then.

Ourox is Lionel's best creation, an hybrid of both magic and technology; a miraculous machine capable of doing almost anything, from neutralizing poison to firing huge lasers.

He's also equipped with many transformation devices that allow him to fuse with Michelle, providing her with defense mechanisms against any failed experiment wreaking havoc on the Flammel's lab.

Likes: Protecting Michelle 24/7, getting updates, and android girls.

Dislikes: Anything that may cause any kind of harm to Michelle, getting lagged.

First appearance: Chapter 05-
Ninjas, Pirates and Robots
ZNP Alter-ego: PHC part of the Psychotic Homunculus Cyborg
Part of the
Lionel Flammel

Monsterkin: Alchemist-Wizard
Age: 35 / Birthday: Sep 28

A brilliant alchemist that is known worldwide for his many brilliant creations, though he also happens to have a lot of failed ones that he keeps to himself.

Lionel tends to get carried away with his experiments at times, leading to catastrophic results such as creating a huge uncontrollable beast or blowing up an entire room, just to mention a few.

He's also a loving single father that just wishes the best for his daughter Michelle. Thanks to that he created the best invention of his career, the Golem bodyguard "Ourox", to guard over her at all times.

Likes: All kind of experiments, strawberries, disarming electronics and living beings for fun.

Dislikes:The thought of Michelle having a boyfriend, an experiment gone horribly wrong, being called an ignorant, and letting Michelle down.

First appearance: Chapter 09:
That character nobody likes
ZNP Alter-ego: Nothing none
Has not
Samantha Thing

Monsterkin: Ittboo (What kind of monster is that?)
Age: 19 / Birthday: Apr 27

The daughter of an Ittboo and a Futakuchi-onna. Samantha is a very gentle, slightly shy, and loving young woman, though she can be very naive and clumsy at times.

She's Topaz's BFF and personal stylist. They're extremely close and share a complex friendship. Topaz tends to overwork Sammy, but she doesn't mind it, since making Topaz happy is one of her greatest joys.

Sammy inherited the power to control her hair from her mother making her somewhat of an hybrid. This however, proves very useful to her, as she can use her extremely elongated hair to do multiple things at once.

Likes: Grooming Topaz, all kind of glasses, oranges, festivals, and free hugs.

Dislikes: Her last name (It's pun material), tripping with her own hair, making someone feel sad, and when Topaz drinks too much of her blood.

First appearance: Chapter 11- The hidden face
ZNP Alter-ego: Nothing none
Has not
Josh Dinora

Monsterkin: Lizard-man / Age: 17 / Birthday: Jan 31

An intimidating and severe young Lizard-man. He loves being in charge, and having prey under his clutches.
He's the head of Addams High discipline committee, but also happens to be a juvenile ex-troublemaker.

The principal of Addams High saw a solution for Josh's attitude by putting his intimidating skills to a better use, and the results were really good...For some time at least.

He has a terrible relationship with his council teammates, specially with Aimee, he can't even stand her smell.

Likes: Metal, Progressive, and Punk Rock; fruits, sunny days, and playing the bass.

Dislikes: Cute and feminine stuff, the color pink, people that break the rules, cold weather and Aimee.

First appearance: Chapter 02-
A lizard in the halls. An angel in her heart.
ZNP Alter-ego: ELA none
Aimee Mouffette

Monsterkin: Modified Werewolf
Age: 17 / Birthday: Feb 14

A very stylish girl with a strong love for all kinds of perfume. She's very sublime and always well-behaved. She's the social events coordinator of Addams High.

Aimee has the ability to produce wonderful scents (opposed to those of a normal skunk). ranging from floral to natural perfumes, and retain them for long periods of time.

She was born a werewolf, but a freak accident at a perfume factory replaced her inner wolf with a skunk. It's... kind of complicated, but in the end she enjoys that a lot.

She hates Josh with a strong passion.

Likes: Sweet aromas, honey, upsetting Josh, cupcakes, swimsuit fashion; and her home city of Vamparis, on Nosferans.

Dislikes: Awful smells, potty mouths, hideous clothing, rude monsters, and the embodiment of all her dislikes together...Josh.

First appearance- Chapter 13:
The dysfunctional student council.
ZNP Alter-ego: ASF none
Charlotte Swan

Monsterkin: Valkyrie
Age: 16 / Birthday: Jan 22

A fairly timid girl, but will speak up when needed. Vice-President of student council at Addam's High.

Teacher's voted her as vice-president to get her to be more social with other students. James is helping her to become a full-fledged member of the student council.

She has a slightly crazy side that most people don't see, especially when there are very messy eaters or rule breakers around, kind of an inner Charlotte if you will.

Likes: Playing the violin, Pool/Lakes/Rain, Bread.

Dislikes: People pulling her feathers, school swimsuits, Messy eaters.

First appearance- Chapter 13:
The dysfunctional student council.
ZNP Alter-ego: Nothing none
Has not
Charlotte was originally created by Savannah Guerra (her DeviantArt), and by winning the 2010 Monsterful OC contest Charlotte became a character of the Webcomic.
James Bluerot

Monsterkin: Zombie
Age: 17 / Birthday: Dec 12

A very noble, kind, and naive zombie. He's the president of Addams High's student council, always seeking ways to help, even if he's not needed at all.

There's nothing that can put him down, NOTHING, He's always able to find the good side of anything. This may also be due to his extreme naivety.

His warmhearted, generous personality, and cute looks, made him very popular among the girls at the school, though he doesn't even know it. On the other hand, his male friends seem to forget about him all the time.
His life outside Addams High is a mistery to everyone.

Likes: Helping people, giving advice, walks at the beach, blueberry muffins, and poetry.

Dislikes: Unknown.

First appearance- Chapter 02:
A lizard in the halls. An angel in her heart.
ZNP Alter-ego: ZNP none
Aurielle Goldenscale

Monsterkin: Gorgon
Age: 25 / Birthday: Aug 14

A beautiful and severe high school teacher. She's as dangerous as she's gorgeous! Aurielle became a teacher to follow the steps of her hero, a very important University professor.

Though she can be very strict, she's very joyful and a little bit sarcastic, but sometimes she can go totally berserk (mainly because of Sapphire) or start manipulating people to fulfill her biding.

She's very respected and feared by her students (except for Sapphire), specially by Lawrence, with whom she shares a sca affection bond of Teacher-Student.

Likes: Cockatrice gyros (reminds her of her Yiayia), when her students get good grades, playing with her baby pet Hydra, and Lawrence.

Dislikes: Sapphire, when her hair changes skin, loosing her temper, interruptions, and being kept waiting.

First appearance- Chapter 04: Into the gorgon's lair.
ZNP Alter-ego: Nothing none
Has not
Dory Lochness

Monsterkin: Lake-Monster
Age: 24 / Birthday: Dec 6

An extrovert and cheerful kindergarten teacher who tries her best to survive in a world of little monsters. She's actually on her first year teaching as a graduate, and luck wasn't on her side.

She loves and enjoys teaching to most of her little students, specially to Blaire, her best student. The torment begins everytime the little miscreant known as Ruby shows up to class.

Outside of the kindergarden's classroom, she's a introvert intellectual, who's very shy amongst other male monsters.

Likes: Jellyfish gelatin, Blaire, reading novels, smart guys, and aquariums.

Dislikes: Ruby, fried food, fishing hooks, hot days, paper cuts.

First appearance- Chapter 03:
The Innocent and the Evil.
ZNP Alter-ego: Nothing none
Has not
Blaire O'Wisp

Monsterkin: Pumpkinee (What kind of monster is that?)
Age: 4 / Birthday: Sep 23

An innocent and caring little girl, and Gabriela Cuchillas' best friend. She's part of Ms.Dory's class in the Hollow Wonderland Kindergarten and one of Ruby's classmates.

Ruby treats her as a kind of hostage/friend, threatening to stab and screw her up if she doesn't obeys everything she says, and since Blaire is a real wimp she as no other choice than to obey her.

She's also really well-behaved and one of the best students in Ms.Dory class. Dory has tried multiple times to make Ruby learn these traits from her, with not success so far.

Likes: Ms.Dory, Gabriela, chocolate pudding, flowers.

Dislikes: Ruby, sharp objects, fighting, blood, vegetables.

First appearance- Chapter 15:
Little Monsters, Huge trouble.
ZNP Alter-ego: BPM none
Gabriela Cuchillas

Monsterkin: Chupacabras
Age: 4 / Birthday: Mar 19

A brave, cute, and bloody chupacabras girl. She can't control her urges to devour cute little animals or other Monster children. Even though this is a natural young Chupacabrian problem, her case is a little more severe.

She's very brave, so brave that she's the only child in Hollow Wonderland who does NOT fear Ruby at all.

Best friends with Blaire, thanks to the fact that Blaire is not made of meat and therefore safe of her meat-eating urges, which allowed their friendship to bloom in the first place. Gabriela likes to take care of Blaire, in sort of an older sister fashion, even though they have the same age.

Likes: Blaire, Little animals (likes to eat them), BBQ sauce.

Dislikes: Non-meat food (fruits,vegetables,grains,etc), staining her clothes with blood, bullies.

First appearance- Chapter 15:
Little Monsters, Huge trouble.
ZNP Alter-ego: DCC none
Nicholas "Nick" Claus

Monsterkin: Magical Elf / Age: Unknown
Birthday: Unkown (at least to the regular monster public)

Santa himself! A magic elf that holds a leader position on the North Pole. Kind and nice on the outside, a lethal warrior on the inside.

Santa must fight against many monsters that challenge him on Xmas eve in order to take his position, he has managed so far to fend them off with ease every year.

He loves his reindeer team very dearly, and treats them like they were his own family. Very little is known about his personal life, not even the Reindeer know much about it, but perhaps there's someone else who does...

Likes: Gingerbread cookies, his work as Santa, making people smile, visitors from outside the North Pole (not including his challengers of course).

Dislikes: Naughty children, coal, and the evil no-calories sweeteners.

First appearance- Chapter 12 (Special):
The North Pole is at war.
ZNP Alter-ego: Nothing none
Has not
Ginger Sweetbun

Monsterkin: Gingerbread Girl / Age: 20
Birthday: Nov 20

A girl who's as cute and adorable in both personality and appearance. She's Santa's personal chef though she also aids him in anything else he may require.

Her baking skills are top-notch, specially for someone so young. Her delicacies draw an instant smile in anyone who tastes them.

Though she may be sweet all the time she can also be very strict, specially when it relates to her precious bakery and cooking tools.
She also seems to be keeping a secret from most people.

Likes: Sugar cubes, baking, sitting inside huge ovens at low temperatures ("oven-bathing"), and Nick.

Dislikes: When someone makes a mess in her kitchen, anything salty, the cold weather of the North Pole.

First appearance- Chapter 12 (Special):
The North Pole is at war.
ZNP Alter-ego: Nothing none
Has not
Reindeer Team
Santa's Reindeer Team

Monsterkin: Magical Reindeer
Ages-Birthdays: Listed below

From the top left corner to the right, names go: You can also check them in this page.

Cupidella (20 yrs- Jan 01): A charming and elegant young lady, she's quite sassy too.

Vixie (21 yrs- Jul 18): A serious yet introvert girl. Cupidella's best friend.

Prancerina (22 yrs- Dec 04): The oldest, strongest, and smartest of the group. Pretty serious as well.

Cometine (19 yrs- Nov 24): A living dynamo who loves challenges, the fastest of the group.

Blitzenette (20 Yrs- Mar 30): The kindest and most reliable of the group. She takes care of the rest.

Donderaine (19 yrs- Apr 10): A clueless and worrisome girl. She's the weakest but always tries her best.

Rudelph (18 yrs- Dec 27): The youngest of the group, she's very energetic and happy but she's at times ridiculed for her childish "traits".

Dancelyn and Dashelique (20 yrs- Nov 15): Twins who are always happy to help, they are the most cheerful among all the group, always smiling 24/7.

First appearance- Chapter 12 (Special):
The North Pole is at war.
ZNP Alter-ego: Nothing none
Have not
The reindeer team
Monsterful's Unique Monsterkin

These Monster species are not actual monsters but parodies of "monster-like" characters and stories from popular culture, you may find right away who the original inspirations were for these monster species, or sometimes not. Below are the descriptions of the Unique monsterkins that have appeared so far on Monsterful.

Sammy the ittboo

Beings with very long hair which never reveal their faces, these are their most distinctive traits. They can't cut their hair short since it will instantly grow back to it's full length.

An Ittboo hair length is always the same as their height, so it always covers their entire bodies, and this causes them to be very clumsy since their hair always gets in the way of everything they do.

As a result of their long hair, their faces aren't visible, and they're not usually shown in public. It's an Ittboo tradition to only reveal your face to loved ones.

Gender differentiation can sometimes be very tricky with Ittboos, specially if the bodyframe is not very defined,

Sammy the ittboo

The Pumpkinees are pretty much just what they look like, pumpkin monsters. They are part of the "edible" monsters group like the Gingerbread monsters, in other words they're made of an edible substance (other than meat) commonly regarded as food.

Their "hair" is made of leaves and roots. The colors and shapes of their "hair" varies a lot. The unique "holes" on their faces also differ from Pumpkinee to Pumpkinee.

Pumpkinees have the peculiar feature of being able to regenerate their fruity skin. If they're wounded in any way, they can heal themselves and grow back missing skin or limbs. This, however, consumes a lot of their stamina and it's limited to the individual itself; some can heal more than others.

Comments or questions about the Characters? Leave them below!
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