Any kind of content that is not owned and/or fully created by us (Pablo Fiorentino and Mariale Fiorentino) and information regarding it is clearly specified in this page. Includes detailed info on such, like appropiate attributions, and (if applicable) backlinks to their respective original sources.

Other Characters:

The character "Charlotte Swan" was originally created by Savannah Guerra but all commercial and Intellectual propiety rights over the character were given to us (Pablo Fiorentino and Mariale Fiorentino). She (Savannah Guerra) remains as the original creator of the character "Charlotte Swan".

Regarding Fan-art and Fanfiction:

Fanarts/Fanfictions shown based on Monsterful won't be used for any means other than being displayed in the fanart section.
Each piece has it's respective author, though the basic rules for fanart still apply, which are:

-Fan-artists can ONLY use their fanart/fanfiction for non-commercial purposes such as displaying them on their DeviantArt (or a similar service) account. Any kind commercial use without written permission from the original creators (Pablo Fiorentino and Mariale Fiorentino) is STRICTLY forbidden.

-We, the original creators (Pablo Fiorentino and Mariale Fiorentino) WILL NOT use any fanart made by the fan-artists for any commercial use without permission from the fan-artist.

-We, the original creators (Pablo Fiorentino and Mariale Fiorentino), hold all the rights over the original characters and their designs, and everything else related to the series, but characters created by the fan-artists (Also known as OCs) are property of their respective creators.

-Any extreme similarity between a fanfiction or fanart to canonical (official) material is entirely coincidental. We (Pablo Fiorentino and Mariale Fiorentino) cannot be hold liable for such.
The plot of each individual Monsterful chapter is written months before hand, and any similarity to a fanart or fanfiction is most likely due to a very predictable outcome of events or mere coincidence.

Regarding the "Ask a ZNP" and "Lawrence's fanfic corner" sections:

-Any content created from a question submitted in the "Ask a ZNP" section is the intellectual property of us (Pablo Fiorentino and Mariale Fiorentino). This includes any alter-ego name (Like the Perverted Ghost Samurai for example) submitted for a specific Monsterful character.

-The Name/Alias provided alongside a question will always be specified when using a certain question, any other sort of attribution will not be given. (unless specified on special cases).

-If the name of a copyrighted character is used as an Name/Alias for a question and you (the owner of the character) wants to have it removed please contact me at "" about it. Widely known Copyrighted names are usually avoided.

-In order for a fanfiction to be used in the "Lawrence's fanfic corner" section, the fanfic writer will be contacted about it. If the writer accepts, then he/she is granting a permanent Royalty-free license to use certain quotes from the fanfiction for the intended "Lawrence's fanfic corner" use only.

-Any content created from a Fan-fiction in the "Lawrence's fanfic corner" section is the intellectual property of us (Pablo Fiorentino and Mariale Fiorentino). The original Fanfiction still belongs to it's writer, but fanart rules still apply to it. (see more on fanfics on the section above).

Regarding Parodies and references to other series:

All references/parodies to existing series and/or works are used under "fair use" laws and for comedy/satire purposes. No direct copyright infringement is intended.

All the Parody Illustrations shown on the Gallery Section feature the Original "Monsterful" Characters dressed up or acting as characters from other series/games.
A copyright notification notifying the Parodied series is provided alongside the Illustration. If the notification is not correct or you (the copyright holder) would like a change on it please contact me at "".

If you are a copyright holder of any of the parodied works (or a representative of such), please e-mail me at "" in the case that you would like a certain parodied "Gallery" piece to be taken down.

Regarding Advertisement:

Advertisements on the site are delivered by Project Wonderful. Each image banner shown in the ads belongs to their respective owners.

I (Pablo Fiorentino) does not claim ownership nor represent any of the content shown in the advertisement banners handled by Project Wonderful.

NSFW ads will not be shown. If any shows up then it's breaking the Project Wonderful TOS, and I'm not liable for such.

Regarding the use of logos:

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Other resources attributions and backlinks:

The script "Moving boxes" used for the fanart and fanfiction section was created by Chris Coyier from

The following scripts that are used in many pages are from and they're being used in compliance to their terms of use, all copyright notes in the codes are intact.

Scripts: StyleSheet Switcher(v1.1), Conveyor Belt Slideshow, Ultimate Fade-in SlideShow v2.4, CSS Modern Bricks Menu.

The @font-faces of Cantarell both regular and bold (© Dave Crossland) and Komika-Title regular (© Apostrophic Laboratories) are used in compliance to their respective terms of use.
The @font-faces kits are provided by

Special thanks to both "Lost & Taken" and "Valleys in the Vinyl" websites for providing amazing high-quality Texture resources.

Special thanks to "The Sound Bible" for very useful sound effects used on the ZNP RPG Battle Mini-game.