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Fanart Submission Guidelines and Benefits
-Fanart and Fanfics can be submitted to our deviantart group, which can be found -here-. Just join the group and submit your fanart/fanfics!

-If you don't have a Deviantart account just send the fanart/fanfic to monsterfulmanga@gmail.com

-Shonen-ai (BoyxBoy) and Shoujo-ai (GirlxGirl) are 100% Ok! As well as sexy stuff, just avoid any kind of extremely explicit, gory, hateful (you catch my drift) fanart/fanfic, these kind will not be displayed on the site.

-Some fanarts/fanfics may be chosen to be displayed at this website respective fanart section, you'll be notified before that, if you wouldn't like yours to be displayed here, please inform me.

-When a fanart/fanfic submitted by you (the submitter) gets chosen to be displayed on the website you have the option for a backlink to your DeviantArt account, Fanfiction.net account or other art related website, you will be contacted on this matter if your fanart/fanfic gets chosen.

-Fanarts and Fanfics CAN'T be used for any commercial purpose without prior written permission from Monsterful's IP holders and creators, Pablo Fiorentino and Mariale Fiorentino.